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I haven't heard anything about an active administrator here. I could check on Meta. Sorry for being tardy! I hadn't seen your e-mail in my box for awhile. WhisperToMe (discussion) 5 mas 2015 à 02:15 (UTC)[répondre]

BTW do you do article requests? A way to get Haitian-speakers to contribute could be to make Haitian Creole stubs on topics related to New York City, Miami, and other places with Haitian diaspora. WhisperToMe (discussion) 5 mas 2015 à 02:16 (UTC)[répondre]

Hi there, yes we do articles requests! Just add your articles to this list: We are holding a #HaitiCOWD edit-a-thon today. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Meetup/NYC/AfroCrowd/Lists_of_Articles#Haiti_and_its_diaspora -Aliceba (discussion) 14 mas 2015 à 15:46 (UTC)[répondre]

Cool! I have a list at Itilizatè:WhisperToMe, mainly articles related to the New York City area and South Florida. The idea is to get the Haitian diaspora in the US involved in editing the Haitian Wikipedia. WhisperToMe (discussion) 3 avril 2015 à 02:16 (UTC)[répondre]

Missing you[modifye sous]

I haven't seen you editing here. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help you be productive here. WhatamIdoing (discussion) 8 janvye 2016 à 21:59 (UTC)[répondre]

I'm so glad to see you working on articles again. Thanks! I think your work is very important. Please drop by the Wikipedya:Kafe if you need any help or just want to chat. WhatamIdoing (discussion) 26 janvye 2017 à 01:23 (UTC)[répondre]

Admin needed[modifye sous]

Hello, Alice. Could you de-protect Modèl:Moun so that Varlaam can fix it? (There's a technical problem, and he's highly capable.) The discussion is at Diskisyon Modèl:Moun#Obsolete HTML. WhatamIdoing (discussion) 23 jiyè 2017 à 22:13 (UTC)[répondre]

Can you look at Waleed_Al-Husseini? WhatamIdoing (discussion) 19 me 2018 à 22:05 (UTC)[répondre]

Hello Alice, I put a request on the page Diskisyon Itilizatè:Barbara (WVS). There are more than 50 pages waiting for deletion. Please can you delete them ?--Gilles2014 (discussion) 12 jiyè 2018 à 10:21 (UTC)[répondre]