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It is difficult to fix pages which can't be edited[modifye sous]

{| align="right" cellspacing="0" style="border:solid 1px blue;vertical-align:top; font-size:90%;width:275px; margin:" |align="center"|<font size=2>'''{{{non}}}'''</font> |- |align="center"|{{#if:{{{foto|}}}|[[Fichye:{{{foto}}}|thumb|center|{{#if:{{{tèks|}}}|''{{{tèks}}}''}}]]|[[Fichye:Vlag ontbreekt.svg|border|125px|[[diskite:{{PAGENAME}}|Ajoute yon foto nan bwat sa a]]}} ]] }} |- |{{#if: {{{fonksyon|}}}|'''Fonksyon''' : {{{fonksyon}}} }} |- |{{#if: {{{domèn|}}}|'''Domèn''' : {{{domèn}}} }} |- |{{#if: {{{etid|}}}|'''Etid''' : {{{etid}}} }} |- |{{#if: {{{diplom|}}}|'''Diplòm''' : {{{diplom}}} }} |- |{{#if: {{{diplòm|}}}|'''Diplòm''' : {{{diplòm}}} }} |- |{{#if: {{{elèv|}}}|'''Elèv li yo''' : {{{elèv}}} }} |- |{{#if: {{{mèt|}}}|'''Mèt li yo''' : {{{mèt}}} }} |- ! style="text-align:center;vertical-align:top" | <u>'''Eta sivil'''</u> |- |'''Dat nesans''' : {{#if:{{{dat nesans|}}}|{{{dat nesans}}}|?}} |- |'''Lye nesans''' : {{#if:{{{lye nesans|}}}|{{{lye nesans}}}|?}} |- |'''Peyi nesans''' : {{#if:{{{peyi nesans|}}}|{{{peyi nesans}}}|Li se moun ki kote ?}} |- |{{#if:{{{dat lanmò|}}}|'''dat lanmò''' :{{{dat lanmò}}}<br />{{{lye lanmò|}}} ({{{peyi lanmò|}}}) }} |- |'''Nasyonalite''' : {{#if: {{{nasyonalite|}}} |{{{nasyonalite}}} |Ki nasyonalite moun sa?}} |- |{{#if: {{{relijyon|}}} |'''Relijyon''' : {{{relijyon}}} }} |- |{{#if: {{{rezidans|}}} |'''Rezidans'''<br />{{{rezidans}}} }} |- |{{#if: {{{kontak|}}} |'''Kontak'''<br />{{{kontak}}} }} |- |{{#if: {{{biyografi|}}} |'''Dat enpòtan'''<br />{{{biyografi}}}}} |- !style="text-align:center;vertical-align:top"| |- |{{#if: {{{zèv|}}} |<u>'''Zèv enpòtan:'''</u>{{{zèv}}}}} |- |{{#if: {{{fim|}}} |'''<u>Fim</u>'''<br />{{{fim}}} }} |- |{{#if: {{{omaj|}}} |'''Omaj''' :<br />{{{omaj}}}}} |- |{{#if: {{{rekonpans|}}} |'''rekonpans''' :<br />{{{rekonpans}}}}} |- |{{#if: {{{nòt|}}} |'''<u>Kèk not</u>'''<br />''{{{nòt}}}''}} |- |{{#if: {{{remak|}}} |<hr>'''<u>Kèk remak</u>'''<br />{{{remak}}} }} |- |<hr><br /><u>Gade kouman pou ou konplete biyografi sa</u> : '''[[modèl:moun|biyografi]]''' |} [[Kategori:Moun]] <noinclude> Nou dwèt senpleman rekopye kèk liy sa yo nan byografi moun an epi konplete li tou : <pre> {{moun |non= |foto= |tèks= |fonksyon= |domèn= |diplòm= |etid= |elèv= |mèt= |dat nesans= |lye nesans= |peyi nesans= |dat lanmò= |lye lanmò= |peyi lanmò= |nasyonalite= |relijyon= |rezidans= |kontak= |biyografi= |zèv= |fim= |omaj= |rekonpans |remak= }} </pre> Mèsi pou patisipasyon nou an ! Ann ale ! ==Egzanp== {{moun |non=Aime Fernand David Cesaire |foto=Cesaire2.jpg |tèks=Eme Sezè |fonksyon = depite, mè matinik, ekriven |dat nesans=26 jwen 1913 |lye nesans=Bas-Pwent,Matinik |peyi nesans=[[Frans]] |dat lanmò=17 avril 2008 |lye lanmò=Matinik |peyi lanmò=Frans |nasyonalite=Franse |Biyografi= *Dat enpòtan yo |zèv= * ''Cahier d'un retour au pays natal'' ([[1939]]) * ''Armes miraculeuses'' ([[1946]]) * ''Soleil cou coupé'' ([[1948]]) *''Et les Chiens se taisaient'', tragédie: arrangement théâtral. Paris: Présence Africaine, 1958, 1997. *''La Tragédie du roi Christophe''. Paris: Présence Africaine, 1963, 1993. ''The tragedy of King Christophe'', New York: Grove 1969 *''Une Tempête'', adapted from ''The Tempest'' by [[William Shakespeare]]: adaptation pour un théâtre nègre. Paris: Seuil, 1969, 1997. ''A Tempest'', New York: Ubu repertory 1986 *''Une Saison au Congo''. Paris: Seuil, 1966, 2001. ''A season in the Congo'', New York 1968, A play about [[Patrice Lumumba]] *''Discours sur le colonialisme'', Paris: Présence Africaine, 1953. *''Toussaint Louverture; La Révolution française et le problème colonial''. Paris: Présence Africaine, 1960. |Omaj=Pantheon |Kontak=Matinik |nòt= *Ekriven ayisyen [[Franketienne]] di de Cesaire ke li te yon gran [[mapou]] : "Yon gran mapou tonbe" *Li rankontre [[Léopold Sédar Senghor]] lè li tap fè etid li [[Pari (kapital)|Pari]], Yo fonde ansanm konsèp yo rele [[negritid]]. }} </noinclude>

Here is a pass at an improvement.
Varlaam (discussion) 17 septanm 2014 à 04:17 (UTC)

Grammar[modifye sous]

This change suggests different language for the infoboxes. WhatamIdoing (discussion) 1 fevriye 2016 à 17:26 (UTC)

Place of death[modifye sous]

edit |dat lanmò= |lye lanmò= |peyi lanmò=

because doesn't appear--Tanet (discussion) 8 jen 2016 à 21:42 (UTC)

User:LLarson, what do you think about this template? Should we fix it, or start over? WhatamIdoing (discussion) 14 jen 2016 à 13:54 (UTC)
@WhatamIdoing: I kind of hit a wall with how far I could go with the sandboxed version ({{Moun/bak_sab}}); we may wish to be using a Module behind it as well, which would allow for more flexibility.
I definitely believe that we should keep working to improve what we have rather than scorch the earth? —LLarson (di & ) 14 jen 2016 à 19:52 (UTC)
If we move to Lua, then we are scorching the Earth. WhatamIdoing (discussion) 15 jen 2016 à 01:19 (UTC)
@Tanet: Which article were you trying to use it on? I believe you may be required to enter a date of death (|dat lanmò=) as well, or the place of death won’t display. (Apologies, my computer’s in triage it’s hard to be 100% sure from my phone!) —LLarson (di & ) 14 jen 2016 à 19:52 (UTC)
@LLarson: used it on Tony Moise, seems to be fixed now. --Tanet (discussion) 15 jen 2016 à 12:36 (UTC)

Nasyonalite : Ki nasyonalite[modifye sous]

Il y a deux espaces avec le deux-points ici, n'est-ce pas?

Dat nesans:?
Mais il y a aucuns espaces ici.

Une autre chose :


Varlaam (discussion) 20 janvye 2017 à 06:01 (UTC)

User:LLarson, do you know the answer? WhatamIdoing (discussion) 26 janvye 2017 à 01:27 (UTC)
I have been a professional programmer. Just not around here.
Varlaam (discussion) 20 jiyè 2017 à 19:31 (UTC)

Obsolete HTML[modifye sous]

Special:LintErrors shows a manageable number of errors on this wiki. One of them seems to be in this template. I believe that it's this line:

|align="center"|<font size=2>'''{{{non}}}'''</font>]]

which should (I think, based upon pages linked from mw:Help:Extension:Linter) be replaced with something approximately like this:

|<span style="text-align:center;font-size:125%;font-weight:bold;>{{{non}}}</span>

User:Varlaam, User:LLarson, can you figure out exactly what this should be, so we can get it fixed? WhatamIdoing (discussion) 24 avril 2017 à 23:27 (UTC)

Somebody needs to turn off the protection on this page, so it can be worked on.
Varlaam (discussion) 8 jiyè 2017 à 07:06 (UTC)
Wasn't there an election for Admin around here?
I refuse to run for Admin again since getting burned by Our Overlords the last time I won election to Admin.
Varlaam (discussion) 20 jiyè 2017 à 19:32 (UTC)
There have been no new comments at Wikipedya:Paj Kominote for ~10 days, so I have forwarded the request to the Stewards on Meta. When that's done, I'm sure that one of them could de-protect the page to let you fix it. WhatamIdoing (discussion) 21 jiyè 2017 à 18:10 (UTC)
Good work.
But I've been talking about this template for 3 years.
I have written a 1600 page book while waiting for somebody to unlock this page.
Someone else is free to take a crack at it. Not me.
Cheers, Varlaam (discussion) 14 out 2017 à 07:35 (UTC)
Has there been any progress since 2017?
Apparently not.
Varlaam (discussion) 9 janvye 2019 à 01:00 (UTC)

Image error[modifye sous]

User:Gilles2014, would you please replace the image name (in the sample infobox) with "Fichye:Aime Cesaire 2003.jpg", and see whether this change is enough to get this template out of Kategori:Paj ak lyen fichye kase? Thanks, WhatamIdoing (discussion) 26 janvye 2019 à 02:39 (UTC)

This is Fè ,

--Gilles2014 (discussion) 26 janvye 2019 à 13:18 (UTC)