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[modifye kòd]

I had just been thinking about leaving a note for you at the English Wikipedia, to see if you would join us here, and here you are already! Thank you for joining us. The Haitian Creole Wikipedia needs your help. If you need help, then feel free to leave a note on my talk page or start a discussion at the Wikipedia:Kafe. We're a friendly group here, so come say hello! WhatamIdoing (discussion) 3 fevriye 2016 à 03:06 (UTC)[reponn]

@I: Mèsi anpil. I’m happy to be here. The hardest part for me will be my Kreyòl brize! MèsiLLarson (di & ) 8 fevriye 2016 à 17:48 (UTC)[reponn]
Kreyòl brize means that you have more Kreyòl than me.  ;-) Arsendis seems to be pretty good, but she doesn't claim to be perfect. There's so much to be done. What's your favorite subject? I like medicine (so does User:MdmPaj) and education myself, but I'm mostly useful here in the background. WhatamIdoing (discussion) 9 fevriye 2016 à 04:48 (UTC)[reponn]
@I: Awesome! My interests are all over the place: dictators, Forteana, law, computer science, language, politics, places I’ve been... In the past year on Wikipedya nan angle I’ve been doing a lot of grunt work like reference validation. I really wasn’t aware of how often I use templates there; very few of them are here so far. (Bonjou I ak I!) —LLarson (di & ) 9 fevriye 2016 à 19:02 (UTC)[reponn]
I should get back to one of my original projects, which was finding out what templates exist.
BTW, have you ever tried the visual editor? The mw:citoid auto-filling ref service has been plugged into it, so it's a couple of clicks to decent refs in many cases. I don't think it's enabled here yet, but perhaps I can help with that. WhatamIdoing (discussion) 10 fevriye 2016 à 17:14 (UTC)[reponn]
@I: I just tested the VisualEditor for the first time in a while; it seems like a great candidate for migration to Wikipedya! :) —LLarson (di & ) 11 fevriye 2016 à 17:29 (UTC)[reponn]
Well, if we want the citation autofiller to work, then it means setting up several sets of machine-readable documentation, all written in w:en:JSON, which is the most remarkably brittle format of my recent acquaintance. Probably the easiest thing to do is to swipe it all (or nearly all?) from the English Wikipedia and try to match it up to any existing Haitian parameters in the templates. I wonder if we should update the w:en:WP:CS1 modules while we're at it. (Does this sound like "get all the pain over with at once" or "have a longer list of reasons to procrastinate further" to you?  ;-) WhatamIdoing (discussion) 12 fevriye 2016 à 06:27 (UTC)[reponn]
@I: I was thinking the same thing about one of the CS1 modules. I agree that JSON editing is no fun, but I’d be happy to get started. Which places on the English Wikipedia would you be swiping from exactly? MèsiLLarson (di & ) 12 fevriye 2016 à 16:39 (UTC)[reponn]
{{cite web}}, {{cite news}}, {{cite book}}, and {{cite journal}} are already here, but the versions are from a couple of years ago. So w:en:Template:Cite web, etc., (including the documentation page, which has the TemplateData) would be the thing to swipe from, to get the updates. We'd also need the current version of the module that runs the back end, w:en:Module:CS1 (might require admin assistance to edit that page). Once we have everything here, we can Move the Cite templates to Haitian page names (and maybe make redirects for French and Spanish, too).
Then we need to set up the citoid stuff. mw:Citoid/Enabling Citoid on your wiki has the directions, but they look... perhaps less than ideally clear. Perhaps we'll "test drive" the documentation and see if we can improve it in the process.
Our process will look something like this:
I'd like to see whether we can get this done in the next week – maybe so WTM can do step #2 on Tuesday or Wednesday? To get us started, I think I'll go swipe the TemplateData documentation. It'll all be in English, but that's okay for now; we can translate it later. WhatamIdoing (discussion) 13 fevriye 2016 à 19:06 (UTC)[reponn]
@I: I’ve copied over all of the supporting files for Module:Citation/CS1—that is, all of the non-sandbox, non-documentation subpages of it on English Wikipedia—but before I accidentally break the internet, I should give you a heads up: when I attempt to update Module:Citation/CS1, and use the option at the bottom of the Module- and Template-editing page that says “Preview page with this template”), and use a page with a single citation (OAS), the resulting preview using the updated Module:Citation/CS1 returns an error at that citation: Erreur Lua dans Module:Citation/CS1 à la ligne 2968 : attempt to call field 'set_selected_modules' (a nil value). There is no line 2968 in the module, and the script error’s callstack window says:
1. Module:Citation/CS1:2968 : dans la fonction « chunk »
2. mw.lua:511 : ?
Thoughts? Thank you! —LLarson (di & ) 15 fevriye 2016 à 17:51 (UTC)[reponn]

──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── This works now:

Did you revert any of the changes you made? Is it still broken? WhatamIdoing (discussion) 16 fevriye 2016 à 01:35 (UTC)[reponn]

@I: Yes, that definitely works and nothing is currently broken, but it looks like citations will break—even simple ones like yours above—if we update Module:Citation/CS1 to its English-language counterpart and I can’t figure out why. My assumption that things will break is based on the fact that went I pasted that newer content into Module:Citation/CS1, and used the tool that’s below the Edit box and the Save button, and “Preview page with this template” (or “Aperçu de la page avec ce modèle” if you’re using French or Haitian Creole), even when I use “Diskisyon Itilizatè:LLarson”, I see that same “line 2968” error instead of your simple citation. —LLarson (di & ) 16 fevriye 2016 à 17:45 (UTC)[reponn]
I think we'll have to ask at w:en:Module talk:Citation/CS1. w:User:Trappist the monk will probably be able to figure it out. Do you want to start the discussion there, since you understand the problem better? WhatamIdoing (discussion) 18 fevriye 2016 à 18:24 (UTC)[reponn]
I just asked. :D —LLarson (di & ) 18 fevriye 2016 à 21:28 (UTC)[reponn]
@I: This is more work than I realized. I’m checking in—but I’m still on Step 1. —LLarson (di & ) 23 fevriye 2016 à 21:05 (UTC)[reponn]
@I: That’s not right. 😳 We’re on Step 3. —LLarson (di & ) 23 fevriye 2016 à 21:10 (UTC)[reponn]

Things I learned

[modifye kòd]

Apparently, if we use Special:Import (which I believe requires being a m:global sysop or an admin at both source and target wikis (which User:WhisperToMe is, things moving between English and here), then the software would figure out which sub-templates we needed to bring over. They won't all work, because some also require Javascript or CSS rules, but most of them will. So that's something for us to keep in mind for future template projects. WhatamIdoing (discussion) 24 fevriye 2016 à 16:05 (UTC)[reponn]

@I: I’m not surprised there’s a more automated way of doing this! 😂 I’m happy to hear it and it makes much more sense. —LLarson (di & ) 25 fevriye 2016 à 16:24 (UTC)[reponn]


[modifye kòd]

By the way, if you create m:User:LLarson/global.js, then it will automatically appear at all WMF wikis. You can see mine at m:User:WhatamIdoing/global.js (also m:User:WhatamIdoing/global.css). WhatamIdoing (discussion) 13 fevriye 2016 à 23:14 (UTC)[reponn]

Fantasticness! I did it and I am much happier :D —LLarson (di & ) 15 fevriye 2016 à 17:48 (UTC)[reponn]
Also, if you post a user page at m:User:LLarson, then it will automagically appear at the other wikis (any that don't already have a local user page), which is handy if you visit other projects often. WhatamIdoing (discussion) 16 fevriye 2016 à 04:19 (UTC)[reponn]
Great idea! MèsiLLarson (di & ) 16 fevriye 2016 à 17:49 (UTC)[reponn]
Fè [1] Thank you again! —LLarson (di & ) 17 fevriye 2016 à 21:08 (UTC)[reponn]

Demande d'aide

[modifye kòd]

Salut Monsieur LLarson,

Enchanté de faire votre connaissance.

Pouvez-vous m'aider à traduire cet article en Kreyòl ayisyen, svp ?


"La Sainte Communion est le sacrement pour commémorer la mort du Seigneur Jésus-Christ. Il nous permet de participer à la chair et au sang de notre seigneur et d'être dans la communion avec lui de sorte que nous puissions avoir la vie éternelle et monter au ciel dernier jour. Ce sacrement sera tenu aussi souvent comme possible. Seulement un jus de raisin et du pain sans levain sera employé".
"Le jour de Sabbat, le septième jour de la semaine (samedi), est un jour saint, béni et sanctifié par Dieu. Il doit être observé sous la grâce du seigneur pour la commémoration de la création et du salut de Dieu et avec l'espoir du repos éternel dans la vie à venir".
"La Église, établie par notre seigneur Jésus-Christ, par l'Esprit-Saint pendant la période de la 'dernière pluie ', est l'Église vraie reconstituée du temps apostolique".

Votre aide sera appréciée avec beaucoup de reconnaissance, merci beaucoup. --Philip J (discussion) 24 fevriye 2016 à 08:13 (UTC)[reponn]

@I: Bonjour et je vous remercie de votre demande. Bien que « la sainte communion » comme vous l’avez décrite pourrait manquer une neutralité de point de vue, nous pouvons demander l’aide des autres utilisateurs qui seraient plus forts entre ces deux langues, notamment : I et I. Merci bien. —LLarson (di & ) 1 mas 2016 à 14:35 (UTC)[reponn]

Thank you for starting Lekòl Segondè Miami Edison! If you want are you interested in starting the Haitian Creole articles on the school districts of Miami and New York? WhisperToMe (discussion) 1 mas 2016 à 03:58 (UTC)[reponn]

@I: It was my pleasure. I started New York’s (Depatman Edikasyon vil Nouyòk) but haven’t touched Miami’s yet. I definitely support your intention to prioritize dyaspora content here 😊 —LLarson (di & ) 1 mas 2016 à 13:51 (UTC)[reponn]

Provincia de Málaga

[modifye kòd]

Bonjou LLarson, I live in Thailand and now it is 22:20 so ... time to go to bed, but tomorrow I will change from {{komin Kadix}} to {{komin Málaga}} and from “[[Kategori:Komin pwovens Málaga]]” or “[[Kategori:Pwovens Málaga]]” to “[[Kategori:Komin pwovans Málaga]]” or “[[Kategori:Pwovans Málaga]]” .... if I have some problem I will send a message to you. Thanks DARIO SEVERI (discussion) 22 mas 2016 à 15:25 (UTC)[reponn]


[modifye kòd]

I asked for advice on the infoboxes a little while ago, and the reply is here: w:en:User talk:Edokter#Fun design projects.

What I'd really like is to get an automatic infobox via Wikidata, but I suppose that we need both. WhatamIdoing (discussion) 23 mas 2016 à 00:53 (UTC)[reponn]

@WhatamIdoing : I think I’ve seen that talked about but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a working instance of an Infobox that autograbs Wikidata data... Do you have an example in mind? —LLarson (di & ) 1 avril 2016 à 15:42 (UTC)[reponn]
See w:es:Jimmy Wales for one example. You can override the items if you want, but you can just put "Modèl:Infobox person"</nowiki> at the top to make it fully automagic. w:en:WP:MED was working on something similar for Infobox disease a while ago, but there's a separate re-design being discussed at the same time, so it's complicated. WhatamIdoing (discussion) 7 avril 2016 à 18:14 (UTC)[reponn]
@WhatamIdoing : I made some progress on this: If you enter only this {{moun/bak sab}} (bak sab is sandbox) into a person article, the template calls the person’s official website if it exists... and it’s overwriteable. Wyclef Jean is currently using the template and not calling the official website parameter (sit wèb). It’s a step in the right direction, and now I have a better handle of the syntax. —LLarson (di & ) 19 avril 2016 à 16:30 (UTC)[reponn]
This is looking good. I've added it to David Dennison, Charles Galton Darwin, and Wilhelm Cauer. The first two have possible problems – in the second one, I think the text of the article has the wrong birthdate.
Can you add a small "Edit on Wikidata" kind of link to the template? I'd like to find the records there so that I can see whether they have images. (Please ping me liberally. I'll never mind, and I might be faster to notice and reply.  ;-) WhatamIdoing (discussion) 25 avril 2016 à 15:52 (UTC)[reponn]
[modifye kòd]

If so I can make suggestions of which ones to start next

P.S. yeah I should have stated that if I forget to check please contact me on - It was my fault that I forgot to say that WhisperToMe (discussion) 13 avril 2016 à 07:11 (UTC)[reponn]

I Wi ! 😊 What are your thoughts? —LLarson (di & ) 17 avril 2016 à 15:06 (UTC)[reponn]
Well I'd get started on Miami, so I have some ideas:
WhisperToMe (discussion) 18 avril 2016 à 04:23 (UTC)[reponn]

Also some ideas for Haiti itself:

en:Toussaint Louverture International Airport (main international airport)
en:Lycée Alexandre Dumas (French international school in Port au Prince)
en:Union School Haiti (American international school in Port au Prince)

WhisperToMe (discussion) 18 avril 2016 à 04:33 (UTC)[reponn]

Hi again! Do you have time to get some of the airport stubs written? If/when that happens I'll link to the Haitian versions from the Commons. If you want I can look to see if any of the airports publish information in Haitian. WhisperToMe (discussion) 15 jen 2016 à 18:40 (UTC)[reponn]

If you're okay with another, en:School District of Palm Beach County has a Haitian page WhisperToMe (discussion) 8 me 2017 à 23:36 (UTC)[reponn]

Tibet or Tibèt

[modifye kòd]

Hi, I modified an article calling for Tibèt category because there is already the Tibet category and the article on the country exists with the name Tibet. If you think it should be the opposite, it can be changed to only one category. DARIO SEVERI (discussion) 17 avril 2016 à 08:05 (UTC)[reponn]

Bonjou I, my dictionaries all agree that tibèt is bug or insect and it is my understanding that Tibet is Tibet, although I also see Tibè in one dictionary. I think then that Annipye probably belongs in Kategori:Tibèt. —LLarson (di & ) 17 avril 2016 à 15:23 (UTC)[reponn]
Bonjou LLarson, tomorrow I will create the create the category Tibèt. Thanks for your explanation. DARIO SEVERI (discussion) 17 avril 2016 à 15:31 (UTC)[reponn]


[modifye kòd]

Hello. I want you, if you have time, to translate the introductory paragraphs of en:Nea Salamis Famagusta FC and create the article in your wiki. Xaris333 (discussion) 30 me 2016 à 09:14 (UTC)[reponn]

@Xaris333 : I don’t know anything about FCs, the claims over Cyprus, or football/soccer, but I’ll still give it my best — by and by. Thank you! —LLarson (di & ) 31 me 2016 à 00:21 (UTC)[reponn]
@Xaris333 : Just letting you know that I put together a very basic article. —LLarson (di & ) 31 me 2016 à 20:06 (UTC)[reponn]

Thanks very much! Only that I wanted. Xaris333 (discussion) 31 me 2016 à 20:27 (UTC)[reponn]

Different edit method

[modifye kòd]

Hi LLarson, I am writing to you because you are the editor that currently has more editing this Wikipedia. I edit in several Wikipedias and many of them have different methods to organize things. If you think I'm editing something that you and others had previously agreed to do in an different way please tell me. Hugs DARIO SEVERI (discussion) 30 me 2016 à 15:11 (UTC)[reponn]

@I: That’s so kind, but I feel the same way: I’m an American guy in love with Haitians, Haiti, and their beautiful language, Kreyòl. I want to be respectful to those who have been on Wikipedya longer and to those in Haiti as well as the dyaspora. [Un]fortunately, there are so few editors here that it’s pretty much the wild west. As long as editors aren’t using their own arbitrary spelling system, I’d be hard pressed to revert good‑faith content here. To the contrary: Your recent work has been very encouraging! It’s so great to see I’m not the only one adding content :D Onè ak respè !LLarson (di & ) 31 me 2016 à 00:08 (UTC)[reponn]

Bonjou ak mèsi anpil pou kontribisyon ou ! Please excuse my language, but your English is much better than my Kreyòl. Based on the information in the English‑language Wikipedia, I believe that the city and province of Havana are essentially the same entity, and use one government. If that’s accurate, we may want to merge Avàn and La Avàn. Thoughts? Mèsi anpil ! —LLarson (di & ) 18 jiyè 2016 à 13:44 (UTC)[reponn]

Yes, I think you're right. Smile --Chaoborus (discussion) 18 jiyè 2016 à 21:37 (UTC)[reponn]

Alo, ou kapab amelyore atik sa a, gras: Tenerife, Zile Canary.-- 5 septanm 2016 à 10:50 (UTC)[reponn]