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Modèl:Tracking category Modèl:Empty category This is a tracking category for CS1 citations that use |language= where the assigned value is not an ISO 639-1 code or associated language name. CS1 does not recognize language names or codes that are not known to Wikimedia and that do not have a two-character ISO 639-1 code. This includes dialects and charactersets (e.g. Simplified Chinese, British English). Pages in this category should only be added by Module:Citation/CS1.

Citations marked with this message are not necessarily errors. For example, an article containing a citation with |language=German and French will be placed in this category because the citation module is currently programmed to check for a single language name, or a comma-separated list of language names so |language=German and French should be changed to: |language=German, French.

While most of the Modèl:Cs1 and Modèl:Cs2 error messages are visible to all readers, some remain hidden. Editors who wish to see all of the CS1|2 error messages can do so by updating their common or skin CSS stylesheet to include:

.citation-comment {display: inline !important;} /* show all Citation Style 1 error messages */

Even with this css installed, older pages in WikipediaModèl:'s cache may not have been updated to show these error messages even though the page is listed in one of the tracking categories. A WP:NULLEDIT will resolve that issue.

The above code is required if you wish see maintenance category messages:

Category:CS1 maintenance (link)

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