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Atik Carimi sa a an devlòpman. Li bezwen tradui, diskite sou li nan Diskite:Carimi

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Zèv enpòtan:

  • Ayiti Bang Bang
  • Nasty Biznis
  • Are You Ready
accolades from the International music scene,Best Album Of The Year

Kèk remak
Haiti, Guadeloupe, Paris, Guyanne Francaise, Canada and parts of Europe

Gade kouman pou ou konplete biyografi sa : biyografi

Mizik: konpa
Gwoup: Carimi
Manm: Richard Cave,Carlo Vieux,Glenny Benoit,Stanley Jean,Jean-Marie,Michael Guirand,Noldy Cadet,Alex Thebaud


Bas, konga,batri,tanbou,gita,klavye,vwa

Moun yo konnen
T-vice,Ayisyen twoubadou, Tabou Combo

Carimi se yon gwoup mizisyen ayisyen popilè, yo ap jwe konpa; yo rete Nouyòk. Gwoup sa kreye nan lane 2002.

Byografi[edite | modifye sous]

Istwa[edite | modifye sous]

Carlo Vieux, Richard Cavé ak Mickael Guirand who had worked together in some arena of music, almost simultaneously made the decision to further their education. Knowing that the state of their homeland, Haiti, was unsure and insecure, they each decided to leave and set their sites on the United States. Always driven by their passion for music, this small group of guys reunited in New York to touch upon making their current past time a potential career.

Soon they found themselves surrounded by sound proofing foam, extended boom mics and a mixing board. To their surprise each had the same desire to pursue music and by taking the first two letters of their first names, CaRiMi was born. Drowning themselves in the studio in the hopes of creating a new sound, one that was uncommon in the Haitian Music Industry at the time, the guys found themselves putting to paper some profound, socially charged lyrics that encompassed the troubles in their native land. “Ayiti Bang, Bang” was released in the summer of 2001. Instantly, CaRiMi became a household name. They are known as one of the first younger generation digital bands to put out music that touched upon the political pressures and the deteriorating security of Haiti. They had mass appeal to the Haitian Diaspora who fled the country and through their allure lyrically, musically and of course physically as eye candy for the ladies, CaRiMi has thrived throughout the years.

Siksè[edite | modifye sous]

Receiving accolades from the International music scene, including Best Album Of The Year, CaRiMi has risen to the top of the charts across Billboards best in Haiti, Guadeloupe, Paris, Guyanne Francaise, Canada and parts of Europe.

Manm yo[edite | modifye sous]

Anvan yo te 6, kounye a yo 8. Gen :

  • Fito Farinen : Manager (2001-2016)
  • Jeffrey Raymond : Basis (2009-2016)
  • Shedley Abraham : Batè (2009-2011)
  • Joel Anglade (Ti Joel) : Batè (2011-2016)

Zèv li yo[edite | modifye sous]

Carimi genyen kat albòm sou kont li

  • Ayiti Bang Bang
  • Nasty Biznis
  • Are You Ready
  • Buzz

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