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This page describes the deletion process for the Haitian Creole Wikipedia.

Speedy deletion[modifye | modifye kòd]

Pages like these may be deleted without waiting for discussion:

  1. All copyright violations and pages with similar legal problems
  2. Pages that cannot realistically become encyclopedia articles (for example, test pages or pages saying rude things about a classmate)
  3. Blatant advertisements and spam (for example, "Buy cheap software today at!")

Standard deletion[modifye | modifye kòd]

  1. Articles for which it is impossible to provide a basic description by referring solely to independent reliable sources
  2. Articles about living people that contain information that is both disputed or contentious and unsourced
  3. Pages that editors agree are unhelpful to the project (for example, an unused template or a template that makes editing more complicated for new editors)
  4. Articles that editors agree have no significant potential for educational value (for example, an article about a small store)

Pages that will probably not be deleted[modifye | modifye kòd]

What we will probably not delete:

  1. Pages that are written in some other form of Creole. These pages should be converted to Haitian Creole or placed in Kategori:Atik an lòt kreyòl instead of being deleted.
  2. Articles that are (correctly) linked to corresponding articles in at least three other language editions of Wikipedia

How we do it:

  • The same process is used for all pages, including articles, templates, user pages, etc.
  • All pages being considered for deletion should be listed in Category:Pou efase. Do this by editing the article and adding [[Kategori:Pou efase]] to it, or by adding the {{efase}} template to the top of the page.
  • If the page needs to be discussed, then start a discussion at Diskisyon Wikipedya:Paj pou efase. Everyone is welcome to participate in these discussions.
  • Any admin, including m:Global sysops, can delete pages immediately if there is no requirement to discuss the deletion, or if the discussion has been open for at least one week.
  • If a page is deleted, and you think it should not have been deleted, then please talk to any admin.