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<+Reverend> IRC is just multiplayer notepad. If you're already a well-versed IRC user, then point the client of your choice to (Ports 6660-6669 are available, as well as 6697 for SSL with SASL enabled) and join us in #site19 (you will need to register and identify before joining). Please proceed to the 'Rules and Guidelines' tab.

If none of that makes a bit of sense to you, please read these basics in their entirety before attempting to chat, because it probably will not work otherwise.

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) allows for discussions across multiple channels, which are prefixed with a #. For example, #football, #cats, and #techsupport would be topical channels people might congregate in. You can also have private, 1-on-1 conversations with people, and even create your own channels to discuss whatever you'd like.

On the "Click Here To Chat" tab, you'll see something that looks like this:

chat1.png If you have never registered a SkipIRC account (which is entirely separate from Wikidot accounts), you will be required to do so before you can join our main channel. This is easy. Go ahead and hit Connect, you'll see something like this:

chat2.png I've highlighted some relevant areas.

1.) Status Bar. All channels and private messages will show up here, and there are options and the leave/quit button on the right-hand side. The "SkipIRC" link is clickable and shows server information and important notices. 2.) Options. Customize the experience, add notifications, lots of little things like that. 3.) Help. This is specifically for help using the Lounge client. 4.) Mentions List. Click this for a time-ordered list of messages that included your nickname. 5.) Channel Options. This has different options depending on your abilities in the channel, and a different set of options if you're on the SkipIRC window. 6.) User List. Click this to pop out a new menu with the list of users in the channel. Some users have a prefix in front of them, they indicate a user's rank in the channel. They are ~ (owner), & (admin), @ (op), % (half-op), and + (voice). Different channels use these ranks differently. In #site19 and #site17, all users with a rank except + are chat staff (or bots that assist in performing channel duties). Users with the rank of + in #site17 are not staff, but are trusted non-staff users that can reliably give good information on basic questions. 7.) File upload. You can attach small files to share with the channels. 8.) Input box. This is where you type your messages, as well as commands like /register and /identify. 9.) Chat window. The screenshot above shows what a channel will normally look like on joining, showing the topic, then a list of users. 10.) Channel Bar. This will show the current channel as well as the topic.

Channels We make use of three primary channels here. Most channels require registration; for more information, see that tab.

  1. site19 - For general discussion.
  2. site17 - For getting help from staff. This channel does not require registration.
  3. thecritters - For giving and receiving critique on drafts and ideas.

There are also official channels for staff teams:

  1. site11 - Technical Staff
  2. site34 - Licensing Team
  3. site77 - Maintenance and Ancillary Staff Team (MAST)
  4. site81 - Community Outreach
  5. workshop - Staff and community-led seminars and workshops.

To join a new channel, it's as simple as /join [channel] (this can be entered in any chat window). E.g., /join #thecritters will take you to #thecritters. (This can also be shortened to /j #thecritters. You can leave a channel with /part #channel in any window, or /part from the window of the channel you want to part.

You can double-click a name in the user list to begin a private message conversation with that person, and all your channels and conversations are available in the status bar.

If you have more questions, please feel free to ask chat operators for assistance.

Remember, to join chat, you must have read and understood the guide!

If you are having issues connecting, please go to the staff chat client over here.

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