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Ralph Delly
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Li se pitit gason Alain Delly, chèf Òkès Nasyonal Ayiti. Paran li gen nèf (9) timoun. Ralph Delly te ezite ant yon karyè nan mizik, lalwa oswa jounalis. Li pase yon ane nan INAGHEI. Men olye ale nan lekòl lwa, li deside pou yo deplase pou Pari kote li etidye Kominikasyon nan Inivèsite Pari X nan Nanterre, pita nan Nouyòk pou kontinye etidye nan Corporate Cable Communications nan konpayi BMCC (Borough of Manhattan Community College) ak nan CFV (Communications Film & Video) nan City College nan Nouyòk. Ralph Delly se yon jounalis ayisyen nan amizman.

A CIBL , Espace FM, Metropole correspondent, Dellys' award-wining reporting has appeared on New York Newsday, Caribbean Globe, and Visions Caraïbes. In addition to national and international events, Ralph Delly has reported extensively on the Haitian Music Industry and on the Haitian-American community.

Ralph Delly also graduated from Carlos Albizu University of Miami and received his degree in Child Psychology. He began his working life in the media at Le Nouvelliste by contributing to a column called “Generation 2004”, in magazine and cultural group, Cercle des Jeunes Haïtien (CJH) where he was in charge of the entertainment division, which rapidly became the group's biggest operation through successful art exhibitions, conferences, and music concerts throughout Haiti.

With his high-school diploma in hand, he made his choice and set out to snag a job at different radio stations. Until opportunity came knocking, he supported himself with jobs as a DJ. While employed by Radio Metropole in Port-au-Prince, he took part in a number of cultural events. One year before graduating from high school, he earned his first paycheck from working nightshift at Radio Metropole and hosting “Metropole by Night”.

After spending several years as a reporter and DJ with Radio Port-au-Prince and Radio Metropole and as correspondent in Haiti for many foreign networks, he became a reporter and a DJ for Echo de La Metropole, an independent radio show on 107.5 FM WNWK in New York City. For six years from 1991 to 1997, he was the Program Director and Talk Show host at Radio Soleil d’Haïti and New York editor for The Caribbean Globe. He also wrote for the Little Haiti Times. Ralph Delly co-produced and hosted “Boulevard des Artistes”, a popular TV show in New York, where he was often referred to by the musicians as "the artists’ show”.

Later, Ralph was chosen to co-host “Vide Yo ak Video” and challenging every single show on Haitian television. He has contributed to the advancement of Haitian music whether through his articles in Boyo Magazine, Le Floridien, Caraïbes Express, Showbiz Magazine, Pyramide Magazine, Spotlight Magazine, and the Haitian Times or on his radio shows.

Ralph Delly made his name and career by reporting on the Haitian Music Industry. He won several Prizes for multiple stories and became one of the most famous entertainment journalists in the Haitian Community. He reported for The Haitian Times, creating more controversy with reports and gossips on his popular column “The Delly Dish”. Ralph has helped and worked with almost every band and artist of the so-called “new generation”. He served as Press Attaché and PR for Zin for about ten years, work with Lakol, Phantoms, Zenglen, Sokute, Jam, See Well, 509, just to name a few.

Ralph Delly is truly an international entertainment journalist and has reported from more than 20 countries, mainly in the fields of show business, for numerous radio stations and publications, and has headed up various magazine and newspaper launches in the Diapora. He has also served as the spokesperson for Compas Festival and Haitian Independence Festival.

He became media editor and travelled widely on new developments in the media and the music industry, taking a special interest in Haitian music. He was one of the first Haitian journalists to research and present a conference about Haitian music in Paris in 1996.

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