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Local files[modifye sous]

Hi, there is a local active admin on this wiki, please request it to him.--Syum90 (discussion) 13 jen 2016 à 07:08 (UTC)

Your deletion[modifye sous]

You deleted Kategori:Achitekti an Ayiti which means the architecture of Haiti at the request of the creator. I am a brand new administrator on the ht:Wikipedya and didn't know that a kategori could even be deleted. Since this wikipedya is in the process of expansion, a kategori may not need to be deleted no matter who creates it. What are your thoughts on this? Barbara (WVS) (discussion) 6 oktòb 2017 à 19:46 (UTC)

Hi Barbara (WVS), usually empty categories are deleted on most wikis, and especially if the deletion is requested by the author. But anyway if you are now a local administrator you are who have to decide, taking into account the best for the wiki, so please feel free to restore the category if you want. Kind regards.--Syum90 (discussion) 7 oktòb 2017 à 09:30 (UTC)
Since I am a brand new administrator with almost no experience, I would like to know if you can send me a link to where I can read up on how to restore a category. There must be a page that explains this to new administrators. Thank you very much. We are deleting very little on the ht:wikipedia until we build a consensus on what contents, categories and the like that will be retained. Thank you so much for your assistance and please feel free to jump right in and participate as you feel led. Best Regards, Barbara (WVS) (discussion)
Hi Barbara (WVS), here you can read how to restore a page, and this is the main page of the administrators' guide on the English Wikipedia where there are many links to pages where you can learn how to use the administrators' tools. Thanks for taking care of this wiki. Kind regards.--Syum90 (discussion) 7 oktòb 2017 à 16:45 (UTC)