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Achiv 2007

Tout lyenaj[modifye kòd]

Translation[modifye kòd]

What is the local (ht) name for the word "computer"? -- Cat chi? 8 mas 2008 à 12:52 (UTC)ujffffdeweReponn[reponn]

you can say "Òdinatè"


Comunes de Soria[modifye kòd]

Tengo la lista en mi página de usuario. Es de todos los munnicipios de Soria.

Muchas gracias por tu ayuda, no sé qué haría sin ella. --Jeneme 14 mas 2008 à 10:36 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]
Puede que esté un tiempo sin conectarme, si puedes, por favor, sigue con los municipios de Soria --Jeneme 16 mas 2008 à 08:13 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]
pudiera ser mas fasil si tienes un modèl komo aqui :Diskisyon_Itilizatè:Masterches/syans/lis_plant, sino boy a buscar las informaciones en la enciclopedia española ? Lo haré semana proxima.--MasterChes 16 mas 2008 à 08:48 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]
¿Podrías borrar esta página, es que me he equivocado Fuentepinilla (. Perdona las molestias. --Jeneme 18 mas 2008 à 17:50 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]
lo he hecho. No te he olvidado, trato de tener mas tiempo, soy en examenes :-(.Trato de ver si no pudieras automatizar ciertas tareas como entradas similares, por ejemplo
{{PAGENAME}} se yon vil komin [[$komin]], nan peyi [[espay]].[[imaj:vil ($komin).jpg|thumb]] 

[[kategori:vil nan komin $komin]]

Wikisource[modifye kòd]

J'ai vu qu'il y ha des problèmes avec ce project. Si tu veux, j'ai trouvé quelques pages avec textes en kreyol. Regarde la license s'il vous plaît.

Je ne vaispas me connecter cette semaine car je suis en vacances. S'il vous plaît, réponds-moi et le lundi je lirai ton resposte. (Perdona por mi francés, es muy malo). --Jeneme 19 mas 2008 à 20:33 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

Pardon-moi, j'ai vu que tu as crée ce wikia. Ya hay Wikipedia, lo de Wikia ¿para qué sirve?--Jeneme 19 mas 2008 à 21:01 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]
voy a ver estas paginas en kreyol ayisyen que me das.
yo he mandado creer la wikia para unicamente para reunir todas las cosas sobre kreyol ayisyen, pudiera ser en todas las lenguas, principalmente en inglès yo pienso; pudiera ser las problemas tecnicas de los creoles en el mundo y particularmente en Haiti. Cuando tndré mas tiempo, yo voy a ilustrar su utilizacion aqui, los proyectos no estas separadas.Ok para wikisource, yo tengo tambièn una larga documentacion que voy a proponer a la biblioteca wikisource creole (5 Go de datas, el tiempo de hacerlo, el tiempo me falta !). yo pienso que los articulos en el wikisource pudieran ser en otra lenguajes, hubiera una introduccion en creole haitiano, una presentacion en una pagina. Hay muchas que hacer y falta manos y manos ...gracias para tus ayudas en nuestra wikipedya (los otros proyectos son un wiktionary, wikiquote, wikiversity, mira en mi pagina)--itilizatè:masterches

Me estoy liando[modifye kòd]

Perdona que tarde tanto en responderte. Estoy un poco ocupado ultimamente. Te quería preguntar porque ya no sé qué escribir.

Provincia = ¿pwovens o Pwovens? = Soria

Municipio = ¿komin o vil? = Almazán

¿EStá bien escrito? ¿Es así? --Jeneme 6 avril 2008 à 08:29 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

Hola Jeneme !
provincia es "pwovens" /
Municipio es "komin"
ciudad es "wil"
--MasterChes 6 avril 2008 à 14:32 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

geo-stubs[modifye kòd]

Hi! You've just created lots of geo-stubs but placed wrong interwiki links and bots are now linking these pages to other versions. I suggest you fix interwiki links in articles you created. You can use [[en:{{subst:PAGENAME}}]] to do so. -- 23 avril 2008 à 13:07 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

thank you for your attention. I observe the mistake and correct it for future contributions. I'll do what you suggest me to. Thank you.è:masterches
Don't forget to remove the old incorrect interwiki links. Otherwise bots will skip these articles due to interwiki conflict. -- 24 avril 2008 à 06:41 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]
All corrections have been done. Thanks for attention. I've one mistake to correct again, it's to change "ilinois" into "illinois" in interwiki, and it will be fine.è:masterches

INTERWIKI[modifye kòd]

  • Hi! VolkovBot has recently added thousands of interwiki links on ht.wiki. However, there still remain many articles (stubs) without any interwiki link. If you don't mind, I will have the bot to mark those articles that the bot worked on and found no valid interwiki for for deletion, as these articles have little chances for improvement and just soil the impression of ht.wiki when offered by 'random page' function. You will be able then to review them and either correct and improve them (if they contain a typo and this was a reason for missing interwiki) or delete them. --Volkov 4 me 2008 à 10:45 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]
Sample edit - Isona Charles. Please create proper "delete" template with correct text and category. --Volkov 4 me 2008 à 12:30 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]
ok, i'll have a look/review on those articles and make corrections needed. Thank you for your help; --MasterChes 4 me 2008 à 16:50 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]
template done, link Modèl:Efase
  • Actually, none of the interwiki links you've placed to Isona Charles are valid, i.e. articles with this title do not exist in other wikipedias, and interwiki bots may remove these links again. If the person is really important, create a stub on other wiki for an interwiki link to be valid. --Volkov 4 me 2008 à 17:27 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]
OK, I understand. Some personalities mentioned here are not listed on other wikipedias. we'll do the necessary as soon as possible, even thought it is a stub on them.You can list all these pages that contain interwiki errors so that we can target them for special work on.MasterChes 4 me 2008 à 17:39 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]
  • Hi again! The bot started marking articles for deletion. As far as I can see, there are many articles on the same subject with different spelling in the title. Consider using redirects and correct or delete those titles that contain spelling errors. Don't commit the same error as lmo.wiki did where thousands of bot-generated stubs without any useful content were mass-deleted. Delete yourself those that are unlikely to be improved and add content to the remaining articles based on interwiki links added recently. Good luck in developing ht.wiki :) --Volkov 6 me 2008 à 15:06 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]
  • this thing is specifi to haitian creole, which has two ways to reference a noun : the local name and the international name. Fo rinstance, take "Ferdinand is a person", a noun; we will find "Fèdinan se yon moun" or "Fèdinan (Ferdinand) se yon moun". Some articles do not need interwiki links (particularly local specificities to haiti o rpersonalities well known in Haiti and who do not especially have or do not need to have other entries in other wikipedias) and i think it could be a mistake to put them for deletion; it would be better to remove the interwiki links that do not have entries in targetted wikipedias.For the moment, we can just modify the template modèl:efaseMasterChes 8 me 2008 à 11:37 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

A little help: Ecser[modifye kòd]

Hi! I'm a Hungarian Wikipedia editor, my name is Norbert Kiss. I'm very proud of my village and I would like to read about it in a lot of langauges. I translated already it into 10 languages, but I can't speak Kweyol. Could you help me. My village's English page is this: Ecser. Could you translate the page of Ecser into Kweyol? Then just link the side into the English version and I will see it, or you could write me, when it is ready. My hungarian Wikipedia side is: My profile. Or my e-mail is: eino@freemail.hu

Thank you! Norbert

ok, no problem. The entry will be created this week; cordially --itilizatè:masterches

invitation[modifye kòd]

As an Administrator, you are allowed into #wikimedia-admin, the cross-wiki coordination channel for Wikimedia administrators. Any member of the channel can invite you in temporarily, but you need an invite exemption from a channel operator to get in whenever you want. Please come to #wikimedia and ask for an invite.

Any admin from any project is welcome and it is a good place for cross-wiki coordination of vandal and spam fighting. It is also useful for new admins to contact more experienced admins in real-time to get help with the more complicated admin tasks such as history merges/splits and importing via Special:Import.

Please remember to translate the interface at betawiki: only and to upload images preferably at commons:

Thank you

Best regards, --Spacebirdy 11 jen 2008 à 13:39 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

Translation request[modifye kòd]

The translation request
Hi! Could I ask you to translate the article which you can find below into Haiti language? Please help me to show our language to the world – the article is quite short and has been selected from English and Silesian article and shortened as possible to contain only the basic informations. If you would finish, please, make me know on my Silesian or Polish discussion. Thanks in advance.
PS. If you want me to translate any article into Polish or Silesian, contact me without hesistation.
So, here’s the text to translation:

The Silesian language (Silesian: ślůnsko godka, ślůnski, sometimes also pů našymu) is a language spoken by people in the Upper Silesia region in Poland, but also in Czech Republic and Germany. In 2002 about 56 000 declared Silesian as their native language, but the number of speakers is estimated on 1 250 000.

Silesian is closely related to Polish language, that’s why it is considered as a dialect of Polish by some linguistics.

Alphabet[modifye kòd]

There’s not one Silesian alphabet. The Silesian speakers are used to write their language with the Polish characters. In 2006 was invented the new Silesian alphabet, based on all of the Silesian scripts (there’s 10 of them). It is widely used on the Internet, as well as in the Silesian Wikipedia.

Aa Bb Cc Ćć Čč Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Ńń Oo Pp Rr Řř Ss Śś Šš Tt Uu Ůů Ww Yy Zz Źź Žž

And some digraphs: Ch Dz Dź Dž.

External links[modifye kòd]

Thank you once again, Timpul 16 jiyè 2008 à 09:58 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

done here Lang_silezyen! itilizatè:masterches
Thank you! Greetings from Poland! Timpul 16 jiyè 2008 à 13:17 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

It seems that this wikipedia is making tons of meaningless articles by copy/paste the same content for new articles. The interwiki link always give no correnspondent article in English. The contents of all recent new articles are similar. It's a wasteful action and gives nothing useful to your community. 11 out 2008 à 17:12 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

The content o fthose articles are clearly not the same; the summary of all of those new articles are "elementary content that need to be enhanced" it is to say basic elements for the article that allow to continue its edition (++_name_ is something from _another_one_; sections;++ links; you can look at articles for fruits, animals, towns that are related to Haiti (300 000 haitians live in Cuba, millions live in USA ..etc, you can see for instance : dog is an animal; cat is an animal;you'll find also "cienfuegos is a province in Cuba";), the interwiki link is in international convention in the english wikipedia; most of them aldready exist there MasterChes 11 out 2008 à 18:35 (UTC); all those articles are related to Haiti or haitian culture, its diaspora and its spread...and in haitian creole or in Haiti, they are not meaningless.Reponn[reponn]

il y a dix athlètes haïtiens aux jo été 2008. serait-il possible de les mettre sur le site ? merci.

Bonjour, ils sont deja repertoriés dans l'article sur le comité olympique haitien et des liens pointent sur la création desdits articles ici : Komite Olenpik Ayisyen.
j'ai crée des biographies en exemple :
N'hesitez pas à en créer également, cliquez juste sur les liens en rouge, suivez les modèles de biographies deja faites (copier-coller celle de Ange Mercie Jean-Baptiste ); j'ai demandé dans certains forums haitiens la participation à la création de tels articles, des informations biographiques par exemple sur ces athlètes dont on n'entend pas parler, mais pas de reponse; à croire que cela n'interesse pas les haitiens eux-memes;

Tranduction[modifye kòd]

Bonjour, J'ai créé le modèle fr:Modèle:Utilisateur SUL, je cherche à le faire traduire dans les autres les langues. (Je sais j'ai du courage :p) Peux-tu le traduire pour cette Wikipédia? Ce modèle permet de donner un lien sur le compte principal d'un utilisateur du SUL. Merci beaucoup d'avance. Il existe une version commons commons:Template:User SUL pour ceux qui sont intéressés. Otourly 31 out 2008 à 15:48 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

Bonjour, ce sera fait tres rapidement :-) MasterChes 3 septanm 2008 à 01:34 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]
J'ai corrigé les problèmes rencontrés et ça marche: voir ma page Otourly 6 septanm 2008 à 20:25 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

Articles about mathmaticans[modifye kòd]

I've seen that you created many articles about mathematics, which is good. But these articles don't have any information in them, only the request to write this article. Those article are not very usefull and they appear in the other Wikipedias under languages were it seems that they exist, which they in reality not do. The problem is, that when someone wants to read further in this Wikipedia here, he finds no information. This is not for what the interwiki links are made for. Another problem is that these articles are no articles in wikipedia's sense. The third problem is that your article counter on your main page displays a wrong number of articles. --Alexkin 13 septanm 2008 à 15:56 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

Hi, i do think they are useless; they are not classified yet and it's a pity, but there are contributions for some of them and i won't like to stop those contributions; this wikipedia has a lack of contribution but it's growing, things are coming greater with time; if some articles point to nothing in other wikis it is an error and it's being maintained ( efase or delete template has been made in that purpose); you cannot say that it's useless to write articles that are poorly written, with no information inside ...those articles need developpment and i do think that it is better to have little but an idea to go further. Some articles are indeed specific to haitian creole or haiti and do not need to be referenced or to have references in other projects; this problem is being corrected as i said above. Cordially, MasterChes

Temporary access expired[modifye kòd]

Hello Masterches. The temporary access you requested on this wiki has expired. Thanks. Dungodung 12 desanm 2008 à 09:12 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

Translation[modifye kòd]

Hi. Thanks for your translation of Wikipedya:Lis Wikipedyen pa nonm edisyon yo fè. Please, tell me the translation of Wikipedya:List of Wikipedians by number of edits (bots included). Regards! Emijrp 21 desanm 2008 à 10:57 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

Status Bot[modifye kòd]

Bonjour Masterches, les demandes pour le statut de bot ici semblent un peu oubliée. non ? --Gdgourou 5 janvye 2009 à 23:05 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

Bonjour Gdgourou; le vote ne sera pas influencé par cet utilisateur; je ferai remonter l'information si jamais il ya un probleme ici.cordialement,MasterChes 6 janvye 2009 à 18:59 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

Sysop work[modifye kòd]

Hello there. A bot has placed a lot of the articles in this Wikipedia in the Kategori:Mande administratè. Can you take a look at that, and please inform the Stewards if this is something you want outside users to help handle (via reversions of the bots, temporary adminship given to users to help delete the pages that need deletion, etc.) or if you prefer to do it yourself. NuclearWarfare 20 mas 2009 à 04:00 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

Hello, thank you for your attention; those pages had wrong interwiki link and a bot corrected it but it used the template {{efase}} to mention it; i reported that error on the TODO task and on the administrator side in order to have a deeper look on those article that are not for deletion.

We are having a look on them and work to reduce the number of articles (3800) that are mentioned.[[user:masterches]

Could you please comment at the meta discussion? NuclearWarfare 21 mas 2009 à 04:23 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]
i detail the situation in comments on meta, MasterChes 21 mas 2009 à 22:09 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

VolkovBot[modifye kòd]

(Block log); 06:59 . . NuclearWarfare (Talk | contribs) blocked VolkovBot (Talk | contribs) with an expiry time of infinite (autoblock disabled) (I'm blocking indefinitely as a broken bot. Once it is fixed to stop tagging pages for deletion, simply contact a steward or another admin, who I give full permission to revert this action.)

Hi Masterches! Please remove this block as all these edits made last year were agreed upon in our discussion and were not vandalism at all. If you decide to keep these articles as is without additional editing, it would be better to ask me to remove these tags rather than to block the bot without asking a word. --Volkov 22 mas 2009 à 15:58 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

Hello Volkov,i didn't ask to block your bot, i didn't know it'd do that; i just mentioned it was simply a wrong template {{deletion}} for those articles (originally for wrong interwiki links, not for the content in the article); in our previous discussion, we conclude that those articles will be corrected by the future and i told that even if the articles didn't exist in other wiki, they were still important for the haitian wikipedia and said that they had to be maintained and proposed to correct them;sorry for this inconvenient situation; if you can abort the insertion of this template that's a good thing - you can comment the request on meta http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Requests_for_comment/Mass_deletion_request_on_Haitian_Wikipedia, i thought it was irreversible; it's a steward that mention recall it to me user:masterches
There might be some misunderstanding. These tags were inserted almost a year ago, the bot is not configured to insert these tags again and again, so no "abort" is required. If you decide not to delete these articles that we've talked about, I can remove these tags. Just asking me on my talk page would be enough for that. And of course the bot must be unblocked. --Volkov 22 mas 2009 à 18:11 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]
Hello, I have unblocked the bot, I have no idea why a non local user did block the bot in the first place, and why he had sysop rights here, but that aside, there was no reason for a block and Volkov is a user with a splendid reputation, he has his contact info on his bots userpage, so he can always be reached easily if there were problems. Best regards, --zwazo (:> )=| 22 mas 2009 à 20:32 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]
Thank you, Birdy! Masterches, if you want me to remove "delete" tags, or to change them to something else, just leave me a note on my talk page --Volkov 22 mas 2009 à 21:58 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]
  • Please note that many (or all) recent reverts of the bot's edits are incorrect as they restore wrong interwiki links. This may be not a big problem in case of interwiki links pointing to non-existing pages - bots will remove these links sooner or later, but it may cause serious problems when interwiki links are incorrect. --Volkov 22 mas 2009 à 22:39 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]
I apreciate your help; ok for removing all "delete" tags created; i let a message on your discussion page; could you also delete the interwiki links ? otherwise i'll do it manually.Thank you.MasterChes 22 mas 2009 à 23:59 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]
Done. --Volkov 26 mas 2009 à 07:22 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

Hi! I've instructed the bot to "guess" interwiki links for persons listed in this category. Some guesses are not correct, I've fixed some, but it's very likely that I won't have enough time to review all these edits to verify whether they are correct or not. If you can check these edits and correct if necessary (remove wrong ht interwiki from all other wikis as well as clean wrong interwiki from ht pages, to make sure they are not restored by bots), I can run the bot to keep guessing interwiki links. Otherwise, I will stop this. Please let me know on my talk page. --Volkov 26 mas 2009 à 23:22 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

  • Update: If you notice wrong interwiki links from many languages (like it was in "Buch") which are very hard to be fixed manually, just let me know and I will run the bot to clean them up. --Volkov 27 mas 2009 à 09:07 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

typos in title[modifye kòd]

I'm just wondering why you prefer keeping such articles [5] rather than delete them or make them redirect to correct spelling. It's always better to add information, including interwiki links, to one article rather than to numerous duplicates with different spelling in title. --Volkov 27 mas 2009 à 07:40 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

different spelling articles (duplicate) is an error and those duplicated articles are deleted each time i note them :-) user:masterches
But you've reverted this and some other articles tagged for deletion as duplicates. Why? --Volkov 27 mas 2009 à 14:18 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

Some biographies that are relevant for the haitian creole wikipedia are unknown by other wikipedia and it takes time to create them there (e.g english wikipedia); if we had more contributors it'd be greater; it's better to delete interwiki for those articles that have no target for the moment.

Salut. Je vois que tu as créé en février dernier un certain nombre de biographies avec exactement le même contenu. Si dans certains cas les personnes en question ont effectivement écrit sur Haïti, ce n'est pas toujours le cas. Je doute, par exemple, mais je me trompe peut-être, que Nathacha Appanah ait écrit quoi que ce soit à ce sujet, sur le créole haïtien ou sur les Caraïbes, comme indiqué. Il faudrait donc, à mon avis, éviter l'usage massif du copier-coller sans procéder aux nécessaires adaptations au cas par cas. Thierry Caro 29 mas 2009 à 16:22 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

Le copier-coller insultant dont tu parles est un peu fort; il aurait sans doute fallu ecrire "creole" plutôt que caribéen; les deux auteurs dont tu parles ont écrit sur le creole ([[Robert Chaudenson sur le creole caribéen et Nathacha Appanah sur le creole mauricien); ces biographies sont disponibles sur le site de littérature des iles: http://www.lehman.cuny.edu, la plupart créolophone; il faut effectivement faire certaine modification sur le contenu basique des articles crées (sections vides, references à completer, juste une phrase pour indiquer l'orientation de la biographie); le modèle {{eboch}} inséré dans ces articles est bien significatif dans ce sens que le contenu est vraiment sommaire; la référence vers le site de biographie antillaise, caribéenne et des autres iles est bien indiquée (http://www.lehman.cuny.edu) pour les contributeurs qui souhaiteraient apporter leur grain pour améliorer l'article. Je trouve l'accusation un peu abusée sachant le peu de contribution effectuée; ces articles sont à améliorer, il ya juste une seule phrase indicatrice et un lien pour aider à la complétion, c'est pas compliquer de faire mieux je pense :-) et il ya bien d'indiqué également que l'article est en cours de developpement; si tu detectes une erreur, tu la corriges ou bien tu la signales et on la corrigera ... des auteurs m'ont contacté pour améliorer leurs fiches sur la wikipedia et ça a été fait sans probleme.MasterChes 29 mas 2009 à 16:58 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]
pour information, l'article sur Aimé Cesaire (http://ht.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aim%C3%A9_Cesaire) avait commencé comme cela et a pu etre amélioré avec diverses contributions constructives ...) MasterChes 29 mas 2009 à 17:03 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]
Oui, tu as raison. Il suffit probablement de remplacer créole par haïtien pour rendre tous ces articles corrects. Mais justement c'est de ça que je parle : comme tous les articles partent du même contenu, il faut faire très attention à ce que celui-ci soit irréprochable au départ, de sorte qu'aucune erreur ou imprécision ne soit pas répétée partout, comme c'est le cas actuellement. C'est la seule chose que je voulais dire : il faut faire attention. Après, comme tu le dis, je débarque un peu de nulle part en disant ça. Thierry Caro 30 mas 2009 à 00:26 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

Temporary access expired #2[modifye kòd]

Hello Masterches. The temporary access you requested on this wiki has expired once again. Thanks. Dungodung 12 jen 2009 à 09:18 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

OooO, time is running, thank you for your interest :-), i'll apply for a new mandate on the wiki.MasterChes 12 jen 2009 à 15:30 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

invitation[modifye kòd]

As an Administrator, you are allowed into #wikimedia-admin, the cross-wiki coordination channel for Wikimedia administrators. Any member of the channel can invite you in temporarily, but you need an invite exemption from a channel operator to get in whenever you want. Please come to #wikimedia and ask for an invite.

Any admin from any project is welcome and it is a good place for cross-wiki coordination of vandal and spam fighting. It is also useful for new admins to contact more experienced admins in real-time to get help with the more complicated admin tasks such as history merges/splits and importing via Special:Import.

Please remember to translate the interface at betawiki: only and to upload images preferably at commons:

Thank you

Best regards, --zwazo (:> )=| 13 jen 2009 à 07:59 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

Hello Masterches![modifye kòd]

I´ve seen that you have edited the page of Quivicán, Avàn. I´m editing in Spanich the page because that is my town. If you can and have more information, I need it, send it to me. Pleace, that be in English or Spanich. Thank you! peace! God Bless you. Perdona, es que no había visto que tenías un alto nivel en español, porque soy muy malo en inglés y tal vez tienes algo de la información que ando buscando para poder editar la página que como te dije es de mi pueblo. Por favor ponte en contacto conmigo y déjame algún mensaje. Puedo contribuir en un nivel bajo de inglés. Ayúdame. Saludos. Paz y Bien! Rubén el Católico

Translation of a short story[modifye kòd]

Hi my friend!

I would like to request something from you. Yes, translation. I hope, it's not a bad thing for you. Some years ago I wrote a (really) short story about a lonely man (actually symbolized the Saami nation). I translated into some languages and I thought, it would be great to have it more, like also in Kweyol. I made this page, the English or French translation is somewhere there. You can put the Kweyol translation there. Thank you again! Sorry for my disturb... -hu:User:Eino81

Article request[modifye kòd]

Greetings Masterches, would you be so kind to help me translate part of this article into Kreyòl ayisyen? Please. It's about a Chinese philosopher and is listed as one of the articles every Wikipedia should have. If you think that article is too long, here is a short version: "Confucius was a Chinese thinker and social philosopher, whose teachings and philosophy have deeply influenced Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Vietnamese thought and life. His philosophy emphasized personal and governmental morality, correctness of social relationships, justice and sincerity." Thanks a lot! --Amaqqut

Bosphore[modifye kòd]

Hi, could you please create an article, at least a stub about Bosphorus in this wiki? If you do, i will be greatful to you. Thanks for your time.

--Stambouliote 12 novanm 2009 à 16:18 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

Remèsiman[modifye kòd]

Mèsi pou paj nouvo “Diskisyon Itilizatè: Kąġi Oȟąko”! Itilizatè:Kąġi Oȟąko fè repons 7 janvye 2010 à 10:17 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

Temporary access expired[modifye kòd]

Hello Masterches. The temporary access you requested on this wiki has expired (see archived request). Thanks. Nick1915 13 janvye 2010 à 09:42 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

thank you for this reminder :-) MasterChes 14 janvye 2010 à 12:28 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

Bit of translation[modifye kòd]

Hi Masterches. I want to create a graphic of the Haitian flag with the words, "SUPPORT HAITI" in Kreyol. How would you translate that? Bastique 15 janvye 2010 à 02:27 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

Hi Bastique :-)
for the translation : "EDE AYITI" or "SOUTNI AYITI" (the latter underline long term effort, the first one is general) MasterChes 16 janvye 2010 à 00:44 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

Créole Haïtien sur en.wikibooks[modifye kòd]

Bonjour ! J'ai créé un livre du Créole Haïtien sur Wikibooks en anglais et j'aimerais que vous vérifiiez le contenu de temps en temps, svp. —Entènyoubi (Disk.Kont.) 16 janvye 2010 à 03:49 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

je regarderai l'evolution du livre avec attention :-); Merci pour cette contribution MasterChes 18 janvye 2010 à 08:43 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

Site Notice[modifye kòd]

Hi Masterches!

I saw the note you left to Mike Lifeguard on Meta and thought I would leave my note here to. You can actually erase the message on the top of every page by going to MedyaWiki:Sitenotice while logged in, editing the page and erasing everything (you can always put a new message by going to the same page again later. Jamesofur 22 janvye 2010 à 14:06 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

great! thank you for this quick answer ;-) MasterChes 22 janvye 2010 à 14:26 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

vandalism[modifye kòd]

You 're welcome, since I don't speak the language I try to be careful but if I make any mistake please tell me. --Egmontaz 23 janvye 2010 à 05:15 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

Hi again! Last night this wiki was very busy as you may have noticed. Aren't you an administrator here? If yes then I think it's common practice among all wikis not to delete pages by blanking but deleting them totally, I mean Diskite:Amerik & Kategori:Akeyoloji (they don't have worth keeping history anyway)

There are some useful pages such as Espesyal:PajKout that shows the smallest articles, which usually are for delete. If you keep blank pages then it won't be useful anymore. I also notice you have a big backlog of speedy deletions to be done Espesyal:SakLenkeLa/Modèl:Efase. If you already know this things then forgive me! And finally, I can operate the pywikipedia bot so if you need anything (as I don't see any local bots) like mass category moves, replacements, template adding etc let me know. Regards! --Egmontaz 23 janvye 2010 à 09:37 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

Hi ! thank you for your attention. Your help is useful for our local wikipedia. I've noticed these modifications and has checked them this morning as you can see in the logs. There are some pages that i've blanked because they were in the discussion panel and do not affect corresponding articles (i could more simply revocate those harmful contibutions :-( ), except "kategori:akeyoloji", i should have done it; it has been done by now. I'm aware of pages that contain small contributions; but they are usually definitions of terms that you cannot in general find anywhere else and i generally mention the template {{eboch}} to indicate that these small contributions are good things but it is necessary to enhance the content; it is of great importance to keep them; there are some that are nothing to do there (for instance "how are you" or other stupidity like that); i look after them particularly in order to call for contributions to them; you'll find sometimes "This person is a singer" or "this fruit belongs to x family"...etc, , i'll try to see if this singer is well known on other wiki or on the web and i add idfferent templates to call for contributions,little information but a beginning (nethertheless that has to have the template "eboch").

I'm following specially the category created by the model "efase" or "delete" mentionning reasons or not and i decide to delete the corresponding articles or remove the template introduced by one of our contributors in order to replace it by some other usefull templates to call for contributions (namely:this article need sources, references, is interesting and need contributions, need translations ...etc). It's a great thing to be able to use pywikipeda bot :-). i'll ask for your help. Thank you again for your contribution. MasterChes 23 janvye 2010 à 10:59 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

Please writing article Nowy Dwór Królewski. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nowy_Dwór_Królewski Answer on Polish Wikipedia Ananas96 12 mas 2010 à 14:19 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

Pages tagged for deletion[modifye kòd]

Hi Masterches, I noticed you're the only active admin on this wiki. Could you have a look at the Kategori:Mande administratè please? Thank you in advance and regards, Wutsje 20 mas 2010 à 04:26 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

Hi, this category is for listing problems or questionable articles;i'll have a look :-) MasterChes 22 mas 2010 à 11:49 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

Translation possible?[modifye kòd]

Hi Masterches, would you possibly be able to do the ht (Haitian Creole) documentation for commons:Template:Kremlin.ru. This would consist of translating Commons:Template:Kremlin.ru/en. If you could do that, it would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, --Russavia 25 avril 2010 à 11:29 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

English Wiktionary[modifye kòd]

Come on over to English Wiktionary. We don't have anyone there who knows Haitian Creole, and we have very few translations of Haitian Creole on the English Wiktionary. :(

The Language Technologies Institute at Carnegie Mellon University provides a compilation of language data, free for redistribution. license

working on it, thank you :-)
we've made a first try on en:wiki there http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Index:Haitian_Creole
thank u for your interests. MasterChes 5 me 2010 à 08:25 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

Carnegie Mellon University[modifye kòd]

The Haitian Creole - English text is now available in a normal webpage format. ~ heyzeuss 11 me 2010 à 08:43 (UTC)

thank you for the link, yet have started some updates to the wiktionary; some links have to be corrected inside the document. Once complete translation for HT is available (for the opening of the wiksyonè project) i'll make efforts to integrate those elements of vocabulary (HT-english). Your mobile project is interesting, what platform are you targetting ? Cordially MasterChes 11 me 2010 à 09:44 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]
i've tried also a reverse entry for future pupose en:s:talk:Haitian_Creole_-_English/A/temp MasterChes 11 me 2010 à 09:57 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]
I have noticed that you are the main admin here , and it must take up a lot of your time, so I will not demand your time at Wiktionary. I'm very happy to see that somebody has taken on the Wikipedya project! Thanks for linking those words at Wikisource and re-sorting the ht-en list.
My mobile project was for a medical worker, but I was too late and he is already in Haiti (Thus my urgency). It was for a Blackberry phone, which is quite common in the U.S. Blackberry phones use mobile Java apps. I am using my own Finnish-English version. It's just an ebook with a word index. I couldn't find any so I had to make my own. ~ heyzeuss 11 me 2010 à 14:09 (UTC)
Hi, i'm not familiar with java apps but if you need any help, do not hesitate; i had started years ago a 2000 word EN-HT dictionary on a website (from free online available database, archived by now) and i'm looking for integrate this database and Carnegie Mellon one in the future HT-wiktionary (Wiksyonè), but the entire wiki system needs more translated items to be available for the public; i hope they will remove the copyright mention added in the header template ... MasterChes 12 me 2010 à 00:36 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

Help request[modifye kòd]

Hey Masterches, ca va mon vieux?, mes compliments. Il me semble que notre Wiki n'a qu'un seul administrateur Son Excellence: vous :). N'hésitez pas à me contacter si vous considérez d'autres aides rendront les choses beaucoup plus faciles.

Je penses que le Modèle: Fiche personne peut encore être amélioré.

--Haïti aux haïtiens ! 16 jen 2010 à 20:22 (UTC)

  • Bonjour Jartaud, merci pour ce message. J'ai bien besoin de participations, peu d'haitiens sont motivés pour participer à ce projet libre, ce qui pourrait sembler paradoxal. Si vous etes motivé, alors la wikipedia vous est ouverte pour cette contribution supplémentaire. Dites moi si vous etes intéressé par un poste de modération de la wikipedia haitienne. Nous avons besoin de beaucoup de contributions. Vous pouvez communiquer vos suggestions concernant les differents modeles, qui par definition sont evolutifs.

Bien cordialement MasterChes 16 jen 2010 à 22:34 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

  • Salut, pour le progrès de notre kreyòl, jpenses qu'on devrait tous y participer. Mais malheureusement on continue à projeter au monde que quand il s'agit d'Haïti, on est tous muet comme des tombes et pourianiste (notre mot).

Alors, expliquez moi un peu comment ça fonctionne et jferai ce que je peux. Salut,

Temporary access expired[modifye kòd]

Hello Masterches. The temporary access you requested on this wiki has expired (see archived request). Thanks. Dferg 30 jen 2010 à 23:55 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

Translation[modifye kòd]

Hello! can you please create this article Selena on this wiki? please and thank you! (en:Selena, the English version). AJona1992 14 jiyè 2010 à 18:26 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

Accius[modifye kòd]

Hello, Ii looks lie Accius is about someone different from en:Accius. Do you know of some sources about your Accius, so we can create an English stub about this person. John Vandenberg 27 jiyè 2010 à 11:19 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

Translation help for Fundraiser 2010[modifye kòd]

Wikimedia Foundation RGB logo with text.svg

Hello, my name is Kelly and I am working for the Wikimedia Foundation during the 2010 Fundraiser. My job is to be the liaison between the Kreyòl ayisyen community and the Foundation. This year's fundraiser is intended to be a collaborative and global effort, we recognize that banner messages that perform well in the United States don't necessarily translate well, or appeal to international audiences. I'm contacting you as I am currently looking for translators who are willing to contribute to this project, helping to translate and localize messages into Kreyòl ayisyen and suggesting messages that would appeal to Kreyòl ayisyen readers on the Fundraising Meta Page. Please let me know if you'd be interested in helping with this project, and add your feedback to the proposed messages as well! I look forward to working with you during this year's fundraiser.Thanks!Klyman 25 oktòb 2010 à 21:01 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

How are you? We are in a bit of a time crunch to get the kreyòl ayisyen. translations in before the Fundraiser launch on Monday. We are doing a 100% test that starts on Friday and continues throughout the weekend till the launch, and we really don't want to have English pages on the kreyòl ayisyen. projects. Could you help translate and recruit translators to get all the fundraising materials completed? Here is the translation hub with the Jimmy Appeal, FAQ, Core Messages, and Benefactor pages that need to be completed Translations

Thanks so much, let me know if there is anything I can do to help!

Regards, Klyman 9 novanm 2010 à 00:21 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

Greetings from Italy[modifye kòd]

Hello Masterches. We’re looking for someone who could translate and upload on ht.wikipedia this page. Can you help us please. It’s very important for us. Thanks a lot --Aeron10 29 janvye 2011 à 20:10 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

Hi, the work is being done here IMMAGINE&POESIA. Cordially,MasterChes 29 janvye 2011 à 20:18 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]
Thanks Masterches: You've been VERY kind and we are very grateful. I noticed that part of the page is still in English: do you think that the article is good like that and will have no problems in the future ? Ciao e grazie da Torino = Bye from Turin (north of Italy) :))--Aeron10 30 janvye 2011 à 05:26 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]
there is a mention for enhancement "this article is not completely translated in haitian creole, do contribute to its enhancement"; the translation will be made :-), cordially MasterChes 30 janvye 2011 à 10:01 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

Stub requests[modifye kòd]

Hi! Do you do stub requests? If so, there are some articles which would be nice for the Haitian Creole Wikipedia

Some possibilities include:

Thanks WhisperToMe 26 jiyè 2011 à 08:31 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

Main Page[modifye kòd]

Could you add "]" to the zh: interwiki link? PiRSquared17 29 oktòb 2011 à 17:55 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

I Need Your Help[modifye kòd]

G'day, Masterches. I'm a user from Armenian Wikipedia. I create the article about Stade Sylcio Cator (Port-au-Prince, haiti) and 1973 CONCACAF Championship but i can't upload the image of the stadium (9x16 or 3x4) because of the non-free licence. If You have the one that's Your own work, please upload to the WikiCommons and tell me about it. Prethanks... -- Vahe 19:45, 15 August 2011 (UTC)

Bonjou[modifye kòd]

Sak pase. Nonm se Aliceba e mwen ta enterese konekte avèk ou pou kolabore sou pwojè sa-a epi tou paske mwen ta renmen envite'w pale de projè sa-a nan yon cho radyo. Eske se Ayisyen ou ye? Mèsi anpil.

Ebòch[modifye kòd]

Hi Masterches. Please be so kind and read this proposal. Regards, --Fadesga (discussion) 6 jen 2016 à 01:54 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

Mèsi.[modifye kòd]

Mwen apresye chanjman ou nan atik la - Absè1

Pi bon Senserite, MdmPaj (discussion) 10 avril 2017 à 12:59 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]

@Masterches : the article seems to be incomplete, can you please look into it Leela52452 (discussion) 27 avril 2020 à 17:07 (UTC)Reponn[reponn]